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*Please note the stripe runs down both edges of this fabric and is part of the design, separate to the selvage*

Fabric Caravan: A collection of colourful and bold fabrics with metallic and neon accents.

Manufacturer: Kokka

Collection: Fabric Caravan

Designer: Yurtao

Colour: Natural background with metallic silver, grey and neon yellow detail.

Width: 110cm/43 inches 

Fibre: Lightweight Cotton/Linen Blend Sheeting. 85% Cotton, 15% Linen

Our fabric is sold in multiples of 25cm lengths (1/4 metres), however if you are only purchasing 1 unit it will be cut as a fat quarter instead (50cm x 56cm), anything above 1 unit will be in multiples of 25cm x the full width of the fabric. For example if you want to purchase 1.5 metres this is 6 quarters (6 x 0.25) so enter '6' into the quantity box and it will all be cut as one continuous piece measuring 1.5m long x 1.12m wide. 

If you need help calculating how much fabric you need please use the chart we have provided on our Shopping Guide page, you will also find a diagram explaining what a fat quarter is, as we know it can be confusing!

Scale: Please see image 2 for scale.

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