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5 Creative Ways To Use Kokka's Japanese Cotton/Linen Canvas

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Kokka are a Japanese fabric manufacturer who design a huge range of beautiful cotton/linen blend fabrics. We are huge fans of their designs as they are always modern prints in bold and striking colours. Due to it's durability cotton/linen is perfect for upholstery but it can also be used to make clothes, accessories and home furnishings. Cotton/linen canvas comes in lightweight and medium weight which makes it a very versatile fabric to work with.

Here are 5 free projects from Kokka to show off how easy and effective sewing with this fabric is.


Echino Birdsong Tote BagEchino Birdsong Tote Bag

Tote bags are quick and easy to make and we recommend everyone has a go at making one, especially if you're a first time sewer - and let's face it, you can never have enough bags! Ideal for shopping, this tote bag has a large gusset. It has been made using Echino's Birdsong print that goes across the whole width of the fabric, which is perfect for creating a different pattern for the front and back of your tote. Make your own by following these instructions.

Echino Hill in Yellow Square BagKokka Pleated Tote Bag

As you can see, any Japanese cotton/linen canvas makes for a striking bag. The Square bag with a diagonal handle (pictured left) transforms into a triangular one when in use. The pleated tote (pictured right) is for a more seasoned sewer. It has been made using Bow Tie Bears which we have available in pink, and which currently has 15% off!


Echino Samber Oven Mitts\

We all need oven mitts. They're one of the most practical tools in the kitchen. But practical doesn't have to be boring which is why you can always brighten up your kitchen with these oven mitts using the popular Echino print Samber. We sell Samber in four different colours, one of which is metallic gold. Here's the tutorial so you can make your own colourful oven mitts.


Kuki To Tane Natural semi-circular dressEchino Wandervogel in Red Tuck Skirt

This first skirt is a semi-circular skirt made of Kuki To Tane Natural from the Fabric Caravan collection. This print represents the life-cycle of a growing plant and it is inspired by Momoko Kinoshita's journey around the world. Learn how to make your own semi-circular skirt. It's been designed for both casual and classy occasions so there's no excuse not to make this one!

The second skirt features the Wandervogel print, and it is a great skirt pattern for using a large scale Echino print like Big Berry. This skirt looks best when paired with a solid-coloured top that will really make the pattern stand out. Why not have a go at sewing one yourself.


Echino Front Tuck DressEchino Square Style Dress

This first dress is the best example of how to use cotton/linen canvas as a dress. It has a simple design which is best for slightly thicker fabrics as it avoids creating too much bulk. So the next time you're shopping for dressmaking fabric don't be afraid to buy some cotton/linen and give this one a go. The second dress is a loose-fitting square dress. Wear it on a lazy day, cuddled up on the sofa - or add a belt and a pair of boots, and head out to enjoy the sunshine.


Cushion covers are another easy sewing project that everyone should have a go at. There's something about cotton/linen that feels more luxurious. Pictured right is a couple of cushion covers we made for our sofa. The front piece is cotton/linen and the back is quilting cotton, but you could use a different cotton/linen print and alternate which side you have facing up - that's one way to redress your living room without any extra work!

We hope this blog has given you the confidence and inspiration to use cotton/linen canvas. These fabrics from Japan are truly beautiful and a joy to sew with, and we can't wait to see them in your home.

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