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Melody Miller and Sarah Watts have joined forces to bring us this retro collection inspired by hair salons circa 1950. Beauty Shop has a variety of prints, from butterflies to hairdryers, and although this collection is predominantly pink it isn't without bursts of vibrant colour.

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Good Luck Blue                                                              Good Luck Pink

Beautifully psychedelic, the Good Luck prints feature colourful butterflies overlapping one another to create a kaleidoscope effect.  

Shower Cap Red                                 Drops Pink                                        Parlour Natural

Shower Cap Red is a birds-eye view of shower caps but we can imagine them being used as flowers. Drops Pink is neon pink rain, and we can't wait to pair it with Moons Pink and Sprinkle in Jelly Bracelet.

Hankie Peach

This print is a large-scale panel print measuring 61cm x 110cm. It has a 24" repeat. We have also made it really easy for you to buy multiple panels - Simply type in how many you need and we'll cut it as one continuous piece for you.

We have a project in mind using Hankie Peach so we'll make sure to show you once it's done.

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