New Fabric - Shadowbox by Dear Stella

New Fabric - Shadowbox by Dear Stella

The Fabric Fox on 30th Jun 2016

Shadowbox is the black-and-white collection by Dear Stella. Designed by Rae Ritchie, Shadowbox features prints inspired by careful linework, watercolours and hand-stamping. Black-and-white collections have become popular again and we've fallen in love with black-and-white fabric so Shadowbox was a fabric collection we couldn't resist.

What's great about the Shadowbox collection is how most of the designs have a complimentary twin in the opposite colour, so if you're fascinated by a particular print you'll probably have the choice of having it in black, white or a mixture of the two.

All of the fabrics below are 100% cotton, £14 per metre. Click on a fabric for more information.