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New Sewing Patterns In Stock!

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Our selection of patterns have grown quite significantly over the past couple of weeks. Here's a quick run-down of everything that's new!


If you want a vintage-inspired wardrobe then the Sew Over It sewing patterns are perfect for you. The Ultimate Shift Dress is the simplest to make as it has been designed for beginners, and the Rosie Dress and the Vintage Shirt Dress are for more skilled sewers. As you can see from the front covers alone, all these patterns are extremely versatile with multiple options.

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Ultimate Shift Dress by Sew Over It Rosie Dress by Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress by Sew Over It

                  Ultimate Shift Dress                                Rosie Dress                            Vintage Shirt Dress


All of Nina Lee's patterns have been inspired by the great city of London, which is why they have names such as Portobello and Kew (after Kew Gardens, of course). These patterns are for confident beginners, so if you're looking to step up your game these are the ones for you.

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Portobello Trousers by Nina Lee  Kew Dress by Nina Lee

                                          Portobello Trousers                                        Kew Dress


Rae designed the popular Washi Dress which is also available in children's sizes. Called the Geranium, it comes in sizes 0 - 5 years and 6 - 12 years. It's the perfect opportunity to make a matching outfit with your daughter!

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Washi Dress by Made By Rae  Geranium Childrens Dress Size 0 - 5 Years by Made By Rae  Geranium Childrens Dress Size 6 - 12 Years by Made By Rae

                       Washi Dress                          Geranium Sizes 0 - 5 Years            Geranium Sizes 6 - 12 Years


April Rhodes is one of the brilliant fabric designers at Art Gallery Fabrics but she's also known for her sewing patterns too. The Riding Peplum & Party Dress is a functional dress that can be worn all year round. It comes in two styles so make whichever one suits the occasion - or make both!

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Riding Peplum & Party Dress by April Rhodes

Riding Peplum & Party Dress

You can find all our available sewing patterns and kits here. If there are any patterns you think we should stock please let us know, we would be overjoyed to hear from you. If you've already made one of these show us on Instagram by using the hashtag #fabricfoxes

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