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Quilt Patterns by Elizabeth Hartman Now In Stock

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If you've never heard of the name you've definitely seen her quilt patterns. Elizabeth Hartman is the designer behind the Fancy Fox quilt, which we've always been a big fan of. In fact, if you've ever seen us at a show you will have noticed our colourful fox faces adorning our cutting table.

We now sell a handful of quilt patterns from Elizabeth Hartman. We have handpicked our favourites: Fancy Fox, Fancy Forest, Bunny, Bjorn Bear and Lepidoptera. Click a photo to enlarge it.

Fancy Fox Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman  Bunny Quilt Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

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Fancy Forest Quilt Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman  Lepidoptera Quilt Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

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                                         Bjorn Bear Quilt & Pillow Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

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All of Elizabeth Hartman's quilt patterns are made using basic patchworking techniques so they're perfect for first-timers and people new to quilt-making. Once you have mastered a quilt block they're quick and fun to make, and once you've made up a quilt you'll want to include your favourite quilt blocks in all of your projects!

You will find all of our quilt patterns on our Kits & Patterns section. If you want help picking out fabrics for your quilt we're only an email away, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

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