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Snap to Grid Look Book

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Now that Kim Kight's Cotton+Steel collection Snap To Grid has mostly arrived we wanted to share with you some of our favourite makes from their latest look book and Instagram. Cotton+Steel have put together a Look Book that showcases their latest collections and shows off some projects that look great made out of their new fabrics. We have picked out a few of our favourites that are all made out of fabrics we stock.

Snap to Grid is a bright and fun retro collection, it features a range of basics style prints that throw you right back to the 80's. 

Snap to Grid by Cotton + Steel

Boombox Sewing Machine Cover (With actual cassette tape slot and cassette!!!!)

Boombox sewing machine caseBoombox sewing machine case with cassette purse

Snap to Grid cassette purseSnap to Grid cassette purses with scissors

This project is our absolute favourite using the Snap to Grid fabrics. Lysa Flower designed a sewing machine cover that looks like a Boombox. It even includes a hidden compartment that you open up to put the cassette tape in, which she has doubled up into a purse. It is a really creative way to show off the fabrics and would be a great project to make. She has even used the selvedges from the fabrics as the labels on the tapes, Cotton+Steel always include fun selvedges on their fabrics so this is a great project to use them in.

If you want to make one yourself Lysa Flower sells a PDF pattern on her Etsy for the Boom Box and there is a free tutorial on her website to show you how to turn it into a sewing machine cover. 

Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns

On the left Lysa Flower has again used her fun cassette tape design to create this awesome mini quilt. It is a great project to show off all the bright and bold fabrics and they really stand out against the black background. 

On the right Kerry Goulder's Hot Skates quilt is a real throw back to the 80's! I've never been to a skate rink myself, but this quilt reminds Kim Kight of the time she skated to Duran Duran on her 13th birthday. The roller skates make an unusual quilt design and being quite big, they are perfect for showing off the colourful patterns and nostalgic shapes.

Cassette Mini Dress

Mini Dress made by Lysa Flower

Cotton+Steel have also made this adorable mini dress using a pattern by Hello Dear Kids. The simple grid pattern of Snap to Grid Black & Ivory contrasts strikingly with the squiggles of Permanent Wave Cobalt to create a two-tone party dress.

Retro Hair Scrunchies

Kim Kight's Snap to Grid retro hair scrunchies

It wouldn't be a flashback to the 80's without retro hair scrunchies! Hair was big and loud, and you couldn't pull of the side pony tail without one of these. If you want to make your own listen to what Kim Kight has to say:

"I cut a 4 x 18" strip (from the edge of a FQ), sewed long end, turned tube, inserted 9" piece of quarter inch elastic, tied a knot, turned in 1 end of tube, insert raw edge into turned edge, sewed shut."


If these colourful fabrics have caught your eye you can find the Snap to Grid collection here. You might also be interested to see the dress Harriet Johnson has made using some pink fabric from this collection.

All photos sourced from Instagram and the Cotton + Steel Look Book

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