My Favourite Colour is Moda Bella Solids Fabric Panel

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This panel features all of Moda's 324 Bella Solids in colour order, with the name and number of each colour included. The panel is pre cut and measures 92cm x 112cm (36" x 44"). This would be perfect for hanging up to use as a colour reference or you could also get creative with it and turn it into a quilt or cushions. 

Please note that the colours shown are as accurate as printing methods will permit and may not be the exact colour match to Bella Solid fabrics. This is because this is a printed panel of fabric, where as Bella Solids are dyed, this means the colour cannot be guaranteed to appear exactly the same due to the different methods of production. However we have compared some of the colours to our Bella Solids and think they are a very good match! 

Manufacturer: Moda Fabrics

Width: 112cm/44 inches

Fibre: 100% Lightweight Cotton - Ideal for Patchwork and Dressmaking.

Product Code: 9900 10P


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