Simple Cube Door Stop Tutorial

Simple Cube Door Stop Tutorial

The Fabric Fox on 5th Jul 2016

Do you ever find yourself battling with a draught when you're lugging shopping bags through the front door, only for the door to swing shut on you? And don't get me started on the bins; I only have to step out for a second with the recycling and before I know it I'm locked out.

I urgently needed a door stop so I decided to make one of my own using a Japanese triangle print fabric (which we sadly no longer have available). I chose this fabric because it's a medium weight cotton/linen, which is perfect for making something as hefty as a door stop. The pattern is amazing too. The white background help the red triangles stand out, and the extra splashes of colour remind me of sunshine and summer parties. Please take a look at our Cotton/Linen Canvas Fabric Page to find the perfect medium weight cotton/linen fabric for your own door stop.

You can make this simple cube door stop with 1 Fat Quarter of fabric.

You will need:

4 pieces of fabric measuring 6” x 8” / 15cm x 20cm (sides)

2 pieces of fabric measuring 6” x 6” / 15cm x 15cm (top and bottom)

1 piece of fabric measuring 6 ½“ x 3” / 16.5cm x 8cm (handle)

Sewing machine

Needle and thread

Scissors/rotary blade



Roughly 4kg of rice/dry beans for filling




1. Use a strong fabric such as a cotton/linen or cotton canvas as there will be a lot of pressure put on the seams.

2. Buy a big bag of cheap rice for the filling; don’t rely on what’s in your cupboard as you might find it’s not enough like I did!

3. Use a funnel for filling the doorstop as, trust me, using a spoon takes a long time. 



1. Start by taking the 4 pieces of fabric that make up the sides and pin them right sides together along the long edges to form a cube. Stitch along these edges leaving a ½ inch/1cm seam allowance.


2. Take the fabric for the handle and fold under ¼ inch/½ cm along both of the long edges and press with a hot iron. Then repeat this step again so that the raw edges are completely enclosed. Stitch along the fold on both sides. 


3. Take the piece of fabric for the top and lay your handle on top in the centre with right sides facing up. Line the edges of the handle up with the edges of the square. This will create a natural raised curve in the handle. Stitch the handle in place.


4. Now you can attach the finished top to the sides. The right sides of the fabric for the top and sides should all be facing inside. Pin the pieces together and carefully sew around the whole square.


5. Repeat step 4 for the bottom piece however this time leave a 2 inch/5cm gap at the end so you can turn the fabric through.


6. Once you have turned it through you can fill it with either dry rice or beans then hand stitch the hole closed using a slip stitch. 

Congratulations! Your doorstop is now finished!

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