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Meet The Creative: Q&A With Claire Eggleton

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Claire wanted to make a dog coat for her Yorkshire terrier so we sent her some Cotton + Steel Basics to play with. Check out her article for, primarily, the dog coat she made - but the cute dog photos will probably become your #1 priority when you see the little cutie.

Here's your chance to get to know Claire a little better - Here's a brief Q&A we did with her.

I'm Claire. I live in beautiful Oxford and work at a business school.

When did you start sewing?

I started in 2012 when I couldn't find any clothes in the shops that I really liked. I thought it couldn't be that difficult to make a dress so I bought a pattern, learnt some of the lingo from my mum and jumped in. As it didn't fit properly I signed up for a beginners dressmaking course and haven't looked back since.

Why do you love to sew?

Obviously there are the normal reasons - better fit than ready to wear, having items that no one else does etc. but for me, it's about taking time out to give my mind a rest from the fast pace of life and lose myself in the process. The process of making now gives me more joy than the finished item.

What do you love to sew most?

I love projects where I have to push my skills to learn new techniques or work with tricky fabrics - I love seeing them develop over time. But I also love a quick afternoon make.

What, or who, inspires you?

The online sewing community - so many ideas and interesting interpretations as well as talent.

What are your go-to colours?

I'm mostly known for choosing teal, blue and purple although green in various shades is offering strong competition.

Any advice/tips?

Research your fabric and pattern before you begin. I've managed to avoid so many mistakes or find a better way to construct an item by reading about the experiences of others. And don't be afraid of the seam ripper - it's become one of my best sewing friends.

Recommendations (books, sewing supplies, craft fairs, etc.)

I find myself referring back frequently to two of Claire Shaeffer's books - Fabric Sewing Guide and Couture Sewing Techniques. Both are full of lots of very useful information.

What do you like to do when you’re not sewing?

I spend a fair amount of time exercising - I run and have recently introduced yoga for my cross training session. I also love to read with a steaming mug of tea.

Who is your favourite Disney character?

Probably an unexpected answer but I'm fond of Sadness from Inside Out. I love how she gives a voice to feelings that aren't often easily expressed or expected by wider society.

If you had a pet fox what would you name them and why?

Swift - I've seen a local fox a few times recently and it always runs away very quickly and quietly.

If you would like to see what else Claire is up to please follow her on Instagram and Twitter. She also has her own blog, I Want To Be A Turtle, where you'll find even more sewing projects that she's been up to.

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