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What to Make with Mini Fabric Squares

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Fabric can come in all shapes and sizes but one type that I find really useful and fun to play with is little 2.5" squares, also known as mini charm packs! As they are already cut out all the hard work has been done for you and you can get straight on with sewing.

Here are a couple of ideas of what you can make with a pack of 10 squares.

Make-Up Bag

I simply sewed all 10 squares together and added an extra strip on top to make the front of this zip up pouch. You will also need some extra fabric to go on the back and for the lining but the squares are a great way to create some simple patchwork.


2.5" squares are the perfect size for making 1 inch hexies. Hexies are made using a method called English Paper Piecing, this is where you use a hexagon shaped paper template and fold the fabric over the template and hand stitch it in place. 

Modern Hand Craft has made a really straightforward video showing you exactly how to make a hexie. 

I have also found a free download for your hexie templates, they are on an A4 sheet of paper so you can print and cut them out yourself (use the smallest size template with your 2.5" squares to make 1" hexies).


Now that you have mastered making hexies you can start sewing them together!

Here I used 7 hexies to make a super simple coaster. 

You can make the coaster by making 7 hexies like normal but don't remove the papers on the back. Then start with the centre hexie and lay another hexie on top face down, lining up the edges. You will then need to stitch the two hexies together along one edge, using a stitch where the thread won't be seen. Be careful to only stitch through the fabric and don't stitch through the paper. Then repeat so 6 hexies are attached to each side of centre hexie. Using the same method, stitch the hexies along their sides so they are all joined together. Once you have completed your hexie shape pin it onto a piece of felt and cut around it leaving a bit around the edge as a border. Then machine or hand stitch the hexies to the felt around the edge to secure them in place. 

Hoop Art

Here you can be really creative and use an embroidery hoop as a frame and fill it with whatever design you like.

I used an 8 inch hoop and used all 10 of my squares to make hexies, I then arranged them on a piece of fabric to create a geometric looking piece to hang on the wall. Depending on the size of your hoop and how many hexies you make you can be quite creative with your design and the layout. 

I attached my hexies to my fabric using a method by Modern Hand Craft called 'Modern Hexies', this is different to the traditional method as the hexies can be sewn onto the fabric using machine stitching and a gap is left between each hexie. This is my favourite method as I like how the stitching can be used as a design feature and it is also much quicker!

If you love this idea here's another one of my blogs with instructions for making your very own hexie hoop!

Don't forget to show us what you decide to make with your fabric squares on Instagram. We would love to see how your projects turn out. Tag us using #thefabricfox

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