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Patchwork Pixel Heart Cushion Video Tutorial: Perfect For Valentine's

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Hello! Did you know we now have a YouTube channel? We created our YouTube channel to archive our Instagram Stories because they disappear after 24 hours (which sucks) and it has encouraged us to make more videos, particularly sewing tutorials.

This is our first video tutorial - how to make a patchwork pixel cushion. If you like it please give it a thumbs up and leave a comment so we know what you like and didn't like. We want to make these videos for you so the more we can improve the better we can make the videos for you, but we can only do that with your feedback.

We chose to make a cushion that would be perfect for Valentine's Day. The design is of a pixelated heart so the gamer in your life would love this because it's retro and nostalgic. Also, patchwork favours simple squares so the pixelated look is always our favourite.

We made it in a classic red with a blue background for contrast but there's nothing to stop you from making a neon pink and green cushion - If it's a Valentine's gift use their favourite colours.

If you liked our first video tutorial feel free to subscribe to our YouTube and you'll be the first to know when our next video goes up. It was fun to make and we're excited to make more!

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