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Product Description


We understand buying quilting fabric online can be difficult without first getting a feel for the fabric or seeing the colour in person, which is why we offer a fabric sample service. You want to know how soft the fabric is, how it looks under certain light, and how well it coordinates with your other fabrics. By buying a fabric sample first, you can put your mind at ease and know exactly what you will be sewing with.

Fabric samples measure approximately 7cm x 15cm (3 inches x 6 inches).


What to Know Before Ordering

We cannot send fabric samples if the fabric has less than 1.5m (6 units) available so please check the stock level before requesting a fabric sample.

Fabric samples cannot be cut from fabrics that have low stock levels, less than 1.5 metres, 6 units or less


Reasons to Try a Fabric Sample

1.) You get to feel the weight, texture and softness of the fabric

2.) You get to see the colour in daylight and under your home's unique lighting conditions

3.) You can see how well the fabric coordinates with your other fabric choices

4.) You can wash it to test how much it shrinks, helping you to gauge how much you need to buy