Christmas Fabric Sale 2023: 15% Off All Christmas Fabric

Christmas Fabric Sale 2023: 15% Off All Christmas Fabric

The Fabric Fox on 14th Dec 2023

With Christmas just around the corner, it's likely you've got all your Christmas sewing projects done and dusted but if that's true, you're going to have to restock on Christmas fabric at some point.

Now is the best time to buy Christmas fabric because all of our Christmas fabric is on sale! So whether you need to top up your fabric stash, or you have a bit of last-minute sewing to do before the New Year, see what treasures you can find in our 2023 Christmas Fabric Sale.

How Do I Get 15% Off Christmas Fabric?

Once you have added your Christmas fabric to your cart, simply enter coupon code:


When Does the 2023 Christmas Fabric Sale End?

Our 2023 Christmas Fabric Sale ends on Sunday 31st December.

What to Sew With Christmas Fabric

It’s not too late to sew some extra Christmas decorations. Here are our top suggestions…

Decorative Christmas Hexie Hoop

Use Christmas fabric to make some modern hexies, sew them to a piece of fabric, and display them in a hoop! Modern hexies are an English Paper Piecing technique, and the results are amazing.

Christmas modern hexie hoop tutorial

Mini Christmas Stockings

Adorn your fireplace with adorable mini stockings! Perfect for children (or for your pets), fill them with little treats for them to find on Christmas Day.

Mini Christmas stocking tutorial

Christmas Jumper Garland

Decoarate your room with a cute garland of Christmas jumpers! Simply cut some Christmas fabric into the shape of sweaters, attach to some felt, and use mini clothes pegs to attach them to a piece of string.

Christmas jumper garland tutorial

Fabric Crackers

Fabric crackers are an excellent alternative to shop-bought crackers. Unlike typical crackers, fabric crackers are designed to be reused every Christmas and not thrown out with the rubbish cracker jokes.

Fabric Cracker Hats

Fabric cracker hats are the perfect addition to fabric crackers. They are more durable and comfortable than paper cracker hats, and they can be reused every Christmas with the reusable fabric crackers.

Wrap Your Christmas Presents in Fabric

Furoshiki is the Japanese art of fabric wrapping, and it’s a sustainable and thoughtful alternative to using wrapping paper. Personalise each gift by picking a Christmas fabric that suits the recipient and once they have unwrapped their gift they can keep the fabric - either to reuse or to sew with!

Christmas gift fabric wrapping

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